* Pinball Machines * Video Arcades * 

We do in home repairs and on site Location's. If you have multiple games we can work with you on a quote for all repairs.   

                     Scott's direct line 1-847-346-4425 9:00am-9:00pm Mon.-Fri. / Sat.Sun. By Appointment

 *Refurbishing Pinball Machines*   

             What does this mean? 

Repairing miner repairs on all circuit boards, Replacing broken parts, Disassemble Play-field, clean, and wax. 

Clean and wax all play-field plastics, and other parts on Play-field. Replace all play-field bulbs top and bottom, rubber rings, and pinball or pinball's, LED lighting is optional.

Cleaning the cabinet inside and out, Clean Legs, replace leg levelers, or replace legs and levelers if needed.

Adjusting mechanical parts, Adjusting voltage, Clean coils and replace sleeves, clean all switches. Replace Batteries, yes their are batteries in the newer Pinball Machines. Then put it all back together, test the game, and do more adjustments if need be.

* Note that sometimes Pinball Machines have a mind of their own. So I do a "burn in time" for a few hours, making sure that everything is working correctly before pickup or delivering. Sometimes I have them on for days if I run into larger problems or new boards are installed.

                   *NOTE: Labor Prices have changed on Pinball Machines as of 2016. Labor is between $500.00  to $700.00 depending on what year the game is. Labor includes miner board repair, if you have software issues or major damage to any circuit boards this would be a separate cost, or simply replace the boards if they are really bad. Any Parts would be extra as well.



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